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Privacy Policy:

We do not share any of your information with anybody, except as necessary to perform billing and shipping functions.

Return Policy:

If there is a defect in a product, then the manufacturer warranties the product. We will be glad to pass on contact information for the manufacturer. If we are the manufacturer, we will warranty the product ourselves according to the product warranty.

If there is an error in shipment, such as we shipped a product different than what you ordered, we will reship the correct product to you at no charge upon receipt of the incorrect product. Please call us immediately or contact us by email and we will try to work out a satisfactory solution.

Any return must be pre-authorized by us. If not it may be refused.

We suggest you consult with us as to the compatibility of different products for your particular use.

Shipping Policy:

It is very important that you verify all information is correct, especially the address. If the address provided is incorrect and the shipping agent charges an address correction fee or if the package is returned, you will be billed for the additional charges. You agree to this by placing an order with us. We reserve the right to pass those charges on to you as an added shipping charge if you provide wrong address information. Wrong information can be a incorrect zip code, city, street number, suffix (Dr., St., Rd., etc) or even a misspelled street name.

International Orders:

We can not and will not ship gun parts out of the USA. If you order a part or product that is not allowed we will remove it from your order and ship the remaining allowable items. We reserve the right to correct shipping methods and costs for what is appropriate to your order and destination. Once an international order reaches the destination country, we can not be responsible for any issues with your Customs. It is your responsibility to make sure what you ordered is allowed by Customs, and it is your responsibility to deal with your Customs Agency.

If you place an order and ask us to falsify the customs documentations with a lower value or content description we will ignore that request and process the order legally.

Firearms Laws:

4wheelguns.com abides by all Firearms laws. It is ultimately the buyers responsibility to know the laws in their jurisdiction and their responsibility not to order a product that would put them in violation with any local laws.

If you order a serial numbered item(frame, receiver, firearm) please make arrangements with an FFL(Federal Firearms Licensee) in your state to receive it. You/They can mail or email a copy of the FFL. If you are a West Virginia resident you may pick it up at our location or have it shipped to an FFL in your area.

Email Newsletter:

By signing up for our email newsletter AND/OR by completing a purchase with 4wheelguns.com, you enable 4wheelguns.com to add your email address to its newsletter mailing list and consequently agree to recieve the email newsletter.

Additionally, you will automatically be entered to win any of our free offers and/or giveaways that are available on 4wheelguns.com. 

Your email address will be used for this purpose only and will not be distributed to any third party.

We will always keep your personal information confidential.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please do so here.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime
Welcome     |     Affiliated Partners     |     Link Exchange     |     Terms & Conditions     |     Customer Feedback     |     Contact Us
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 Moon Clip Holders
 - NM Moon Clip Holder
 - NM IDPA Moon Clip Holder

 Speed Loaders   
 - DS-10 Speed Loader
 - DS-10 PBT
(Push Button Top)
 - DS-317/63PBT (Push Button Top)
 - DS-K6 - SW 617 & SW K 17
(Push Button Top)
 - Ansac Speedloader SW617/10
 - DS-10 IMC Speed Loader
 - DS-10-IMCH - Compact - SW617
 - DS-10-GPCH - Compact - GP100

 Speed Loader Holders
 - NM DS-10 Speed Loader Holder
 - NM ICORE Retro Loader Holder
 - NM IDPA Compliant Speed
   Loader Holder

 - NM Magnetic Speed Loader - Single
 - NM Magnetic Speed Loader - 5

 Revolver Grips
 - Hogue Revolver Grips
   - K & L Frame
   - N Frame

 Loading Blocks W/ Case
 - Pelican (TM) 1010 Case
   - .22 (60) Rounds - 10 Shot
   - .22 (36) Rounds - 6 Shot

 - Pelican (TM) 1040 Case
   - .22 (48) Rounds - 8 Shot - SW 317
   - .22 (60) Rounds - 10 Shot - w/ Storage
   - .22 (80) Rounds - 10 Shot
   - .22 (36) Rounds - 6 Shot - w/ Storage
   - .22 (48) Rounds - 6 Shot

 - Pelican (TM) 1060 Case
   - .22 (100) Rounds - 10 Shot  w/ Storage
   - .22 (140) Rounds - 10 Shot
   - .22 (60) Rounds - 6 Shot w/ Storage
   - .22 (84) Rounds - 6 Shot
   - .38spl (66) Rounds - 6 Shot - K Frame
   - .38spl (66) Rounds - 6 Shot - L Frame

 - Pelican (TM) 1050 Case
  - .22 (160) Rounds - 10 Shot - (80x2)

 Loading Blocks ONLY
  10 Shot
 -  .22 (10) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (70) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (60) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (90) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (120) Round Loading Block
  6 Shot
 -  .22 (72) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (54) Round Loading Block
 -  .22 (36) Round Loading Block
 - "Cal Comp" Loading Block

 -  Moon Clips - .45 ACP
 - Moon Clips - Standard
 - Moon Clips - Starline Brass
 - Blade-Tech Tek-Lok
 - Moon Clip Storage Container
 -  BBI .45 230 Grain Bullet
 -  BBI .38 160 Grain Bullet
 -  Revolver Door Knob - .357

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